23 August 2015

Allday – Grammy (Remix ft. Skizzy Mars)

posted by: Grant New Music Daily

If you don’t know our feelings on Allday and Skizzy Mars by now you clearly don’t come here often. The MCs, from Adelaide, Australia and Manhattan, respectively, are among our favorite young voices in the game. They’ve never officially worked together, but Skizzy did put his spin on “You Always Know the DJ” back in May.

Unfortunately, their “Grammy” remix falls into the same category, with Skizzy subbing in a verse and hook while Allday’s bars go unchanged. It’d be great to hear these two collaborate on some brand new material, because even a track like this is a glimpse into how perfect of a pairing they are.

“Grammy,” one of the standouts from Allday’s Soft Love Grunge Rap, is perfect for Skizzy’s flow. The spacey, synth-driven beat is squarely in his wheelhouse, and he delivers some memorable and occasionally humorous bars.

“I’ve got some thoughts, so let me think/I’ve been sober for a month I need a fucking drink,” he spits dryly.

Allday’s verses remain stellar. He has the sing-song flow down to a science, almost to the point that you can miss the wit of his lyricism if you aren’t paying attention.

“Got me spending money like a dad with no time/Got me spending time like a dad when he retire,” he says on the track’s outstanding first verse.

Hopefully, the success of the two remixes will lead to a full-fledged collaboration on either MC’s next project, because we can only imagine what it’d be like for them to actually get in the studio together.


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