26 July 2013

Stream AlunaGeorge’s debut album ‘Body Music’

posted by: Eric New Music Daily

Aluna Francis and George Reid are an unusual duo. Reid’s experimental collage of woozy basslines, quirky synths, and pitch-shifted vocal samples isn’t the most obvious choice to pair with Francis’ lush radio-friendly vocals. A few years ago his production style would have likely been restricted to obscure raves and heard by a small cult following. Thankfully, the world now seems ready to embrace pop music that’s a little more “weird” than the manufactured singles that have long dominated Top 40 charts — and AlunaGeorge is poised to capitalize on that.

When “Your Drums, Your Love” first hit blogs last summer, it was immediately clear this collaboration could work. Reid’s genius decision to sample Aluna’s vocals and work them in behind her airy verses was perfect. In under four minutes they’d become one of my favorite new groups and I couldn’t wait to hear an entire album of this stuff. A year later, the wait is finally over and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

This album will attract a diverse crowd. Teenage girls obsessing on their first relationships will be drawn to Aluna’s love-centric lyrics and popstar aesthetic while their dorky older brothers will be impressed by George’s masterful use of all the fancy electronic production toys he has at his disposal. I also can’t help but imagine “Lost & Found” being the greatest thing to ever happen to festival goers with a taste for party drugs. That beat is just too good. In short, AlunaGeorge achieves exactly what I was hoping for from their debut: an accessible pop album that pushes boundaries and begs listeners onto the dance floor. Stream the whole thing below.

BONUS: Watch the duo perform a slowed down version of “You Know You Like It” at Rinse FM Studios.


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