14 September 2015

[Album Review] Kwabs – Love + War

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Some artists are just meant to be stars and the British artist Kwabs is one of the best examples of this. There are many great singers out there, but the real test is combining powerful vocals with just as good music. Although Kwabs has released a few EPs and has even collaborated with everyone’s favorite electronic duo Disclosure, now is his time to shine. Kwabs’ debut album, Love + War, was the first big test and it’s one that won’t be forgotten. Kwabs has managed to fuse his soulful voice with a sound that will speak to new and old fans.

Love + War begins with some of the catchiest tracks you’ll hear this year. The opening/title track is a powerful, dance-worthy track that’ll get listeners moving. The rest of the album definitely does not fall short of upbeat tunes with other addictive tracks such as, “Fight For Love”, “My Own”, “Look Over Your Shoulder” and plenty of others. It also has the hit everyone has most likely heard by now, “Walk”, which never gets old. These easily listenable tunes show that Kwabs is much more than just a big voice, rather, he has the edginess to create songs that are unforgettable and actually fun to listen to.

The album may have a lot of big pop tracks, but there’s still some beautiful moments where good beats aren’t the big focus. Kwabs does has a soulful, gorgeous voice that should be recognized and this is beautifully shown in the calming track “Perfect Ruin”. This particular song is haunting, soothing, and displays pure emotion.”Forgiven” is another song on the album that is incredibly powerful and shows that side of Kwabs that is simply admirable. It’s filled with passion and flawless vocals, two elements music fans can always appreciate.

Overall, Love + War is a beautiful piece of work that music lovers should not sleep on. It’s filled with signature catchy pop tunes, but also has a taste of pure soul. It has a little bit for everyone and is an album that can be listened to all the way through, something that is sometimes hard to come by. At this rate, Kwabs is bound to explode and it’s very well-deserved after making an album this great.

Love + War is out now and one of the wonderful tracks “Layback” can be streamed below.


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