05 May 2013

Akono Miles – Get Inspired [MP3 + Lyrics]

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Akono Miles!

Whether you like it or not (I love it), the most influential artist of our generation is Kanye West. Young artists look up to him like maybe their parents looked up to Michael Jackson. West obviously is known for his extraordinary ego, and so when a young artist like Akono Miles takes to Twitter to compare himself to “Socrates in his prime” it may not seem so genuine. That being said, what makes ‘Ye one of the most complex characters in the business is that beneath the layers of¬†grandiosity lies a man with a deep passion for his craft. I think if you listen carefully to the debut single from the 16-year-old Akono Miles you will hear a similar flare for the music, and it’s kind of contagious.

Shout out to Jon Tanners over at P&P for the find.

Hit the jump to follow along with the lyrics…

Akono Miles – Get Inspired Lyrics
via Rap Genius

To my young motherfuckers who ain’t living it up
To my young motherfuckers who feel like giving up
(I love you)
(I love you)
To my young motherfuckers who ain’t living it up
To my young motherfuckers who feel like giving up
(I love you)

[Verse 1]
Shhh lemme concentrate in finding my thoughts finding the vault to the piece of my mental
I lost when seeking for freedom
Ecstasy got the best of me
Slow dancing with tablets found in my cabinets asking the doors for guidance
I love doors, they open or close leading to new findings you’ve never seen before
You tryna find your purpose too?
Thought there was a service for you? I? Them?
Anybody else that want that independence cause depending on dollas and pennies
Got me wanna do like Granddad and hit hennys
Till that Corolla from 99′ look like a brand new Mercedes
Losing my patience, virtue will only hurt you
Another patient’s damaged nature
Cause of the system, cause of the system
I said lord knows I’m just another victim
I’m looking for something that don’t exist
So tell me is freedom nothing more than just a myth?

To my young motherfuckers who ain’t living it up
To my young motherfuckers who feel like giving up

[Verse 2]
Seems like life a satire or some dark sitcom cause settings never change
Only the scripts I keep forgetting, sick moms tired of the tires
That never stop rollin’ my only opponent is I
No need for potions already got a potent mind
No potential in changing according to the legislature
We just a bunch of fucks holdin’ nines
Ready to put holes up in ya soul
With no second thought, with no second thought
Bills needa be paid, meals needa be made
Pills seem to relocate from my palm to my stomach might vomit
I don’t need a doctor on the other line on the phone
I needa fortune teller
Telling me everything gone be alright even though
I know it’s all probably some B.S. to make a quick buck
But lies make me not give any fucks
Of what’s to come next in this life, in this life, in this life
Shit, dawg, how does faith work?
It’s only so much I could believe before the fate of curiosity appears
And leaves me second guessin’
But second guessin’
Lead me to first place in this race
Of successin’ progression

[Hook x4]


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