20 March 2013

Aer – Strangers EP

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

The boys from Aer are back with a new EP, titled “Strangers. The EP’s single, “Take It Wrong,” was one of my favorite Aer songs to date so I was  excited for the full EP to drop.

While I think “Take it Wrong” is definitely the strongest offering on the EP, “Tell it Straight” and “Strangers,” which features Mod Sun and was originally produced by the legend Pete Rock, are standouts as well. The other two songs, a Ratatat remix called “Guaranteed” and a self-produced track called “She’ll Miss It,” aren’t as strong in my opinion.

Overall, a somewhat disappointing EP, only insofar as “Take it Wrong” was such a strong initial offering and the other songs on the EP aren’t on the same level. The other tracks just aren’t as “Aery,” and don’t have the trademark Aer vibe in the same way as the single.

Regardless, definitely worth a download…new Aer is always, always a good thing.

Stream below, and DOWNLOAD HERE.


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