25 June 2012

Aer – Floats My Boat

posted by: D Prep New Music Daily

As a blogger, I almost never buy music that I post. Aer released a new song today, called Floats My Boat, and for whatever reason I have yet to receive an email with the MP3 attached. Well, I like Aer so much and have such high expectations for each of their releases that I actually went onto iTunes and paid a whole 99 cents for the track. Fuck it, YOLO.

Anyways, this is Aer’s bread and butter here, that mellow vibe that makes their music perfect for the next few months of summer. The bouncy production here gives the song a great beat, and with a catchy albeit relaxed hook, combined with a few great verses from the boys, makes this another must-download Aer track.

Enjoy the juicy freshness.

Aer – Floats My Boat


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