12 August 2012

Somewhere In Between

posted by: Ann New Music Daily

A microcosm of the what seems like the whole cultural universe these days, the music blogosphere is pretty bent on getting the latest in everything–the music itself, the artist buzz, the trendiest collaborations and projects. But I think music that blogs try to bring to readers should be better categorized as “timely.” It can be timely because it’s new, but a song or album can be timely because it just feels right for a certain time of day, year, or life.

August is about the time of year for most (unless you live in, like, Cabo…) when things slow down right before they speed up. For me, the anticipation of a new school year is kind of sad, but also inevitably exciting. I’m not ready yet to switch gears, but I’m preparing to. The next few weeks will be filled with that waiting, whether you spend that time worried or eager, of a time where you can feel something’s just ending but you may not be sure what exactly the something is. It could be August for you, or it could be the end of autumn, or New Year’s Eve, or another transitional time, but the best remedy I can think of for the sort of ennui-inducing “inbetween” is fitting soundtrack.

“Seventeen,” a track by Adam & Dusty that I found a while back on my favorite radio station EVER (Triple JĀ Unearthed…now you understand why I’m always posting Australian music!), is nice n’ simple, but the soaring chorus evokes a little nostalgia as well a little hope for the future. This song makes me want to enjoy the inbetween–not merely live through it.

Adam & Dusty – Seventeen


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