Sunset in the Rearview is a music blog focused on new music discovery, typically within the genres of indie-rock, folk, electronic and hip-hop.

Sunset was founded by Lydia Simmons in 2008. It started simply as a way to share great music, but has evolved into a collection of new music, reviews, interviews, news, and more. It’s different from the thousands of other music blogs in that it’s not racing to post the newest music first; we serve as a bit of a filter. We give the music a good listen before posting it, making sure that we can say something worth your time reading when we do end up posting it.

Regular Features:

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More about the Founder, Lydia Simmons:

profile_loresThings I’m obsessed with beyond music: issues surrounding human rights, the NBA, college football, optimism, my family, food…the list goes on. I smile a lot. I lived in Kenya for 4 months, and those were arguably the best 4 months of my life.


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