14 October 2011

Childish Gambino – All the Shine [Updated w/ CDQ Version]

posted by: Arjun New Music Daily
New Childish Gambino!

So here’s the lowdown. In one of the wilder marketing techniques I’ve ever seen, Donald Glover made a fake tumblr under the persona of an obviously very lonely Asian girl. Between the cute/presh/adorbs pictures of animals and so super Asian anime lies some brand new Childish Gambino gems. You just have to search to find them. One of these gems is the second official single from Glover’s highly-anticipated album Camp, which is being released under Glassnote Records on November 15th. The studio version of “All The Shine” is as dope as we could have expected to be after hearing a live version a few weeks ago. Gambino’s verses are as personal as ever, but it’s the Frank Ocean-esque double chorus that gets the track on some higher level shit.

UPDATE: This is not the Camp version of “All The Shine.” It’s a live, studio version Donald did in NYC earlier this month. He also just released the tracklist of the album. Check it out below.

SECOND UPDATE: Here’s the actual Camp version of “All The Shine,” just released today.

Amazingly, it’s an improvement over what we’ve heard thus far. The instrumental is definitely more layered (fuck yeah violins) than the live version above, and Gambino’s voice is tastefully altered during the epic double chorus. Shout out to Okay Player for the post.

MP3: “All The Shine (CDQ Version)” – Childish Gambino


  1. Outside
  2. Fire Fly
  3. Bonfire
  4. All The Shine
  5. Letter Home
  6. Heartbeat
  7. Backpackers
  8. L.E.S.
  9. Hold You Down
  10. Kids (Keep Up)
  11. You See Me
  12. Sunrise
  13. That Power

Preorder Camp here.

Another gem from the tumblr is this behind the scenes video of the recording of Camp, which previews snippets of a few new Gambino tracks, and once again proves that Donald is one of the hardest workers in show business today. The video was released under the username of xxbffcutestarxx.

So, I guess consistency is key.

And finally, he released a video that shows off a pretty chill Camp song, featuring a violen-heavy beat and some girl-heavy lyrics. Dopeness.

On that hipster shiiit, and you’s a hipster biiitch.


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