22 August 2010

Record Summer – An Enormous Anger Grows in Brooklyn

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily


“An Enormous Anger Grows in Brooklyn” – Record Summer

If you ask me, this is a perfect song for a Sunday. Lets me unwind from the week with my feet up and enjoy the sunshine. I guess you can’t expect much less from a band called The Record Summer. To be honest, I’m having to write this post in advance, a couple days before it will be posted, because I know I wont be around to blog this weekend. It makes me anticipate a weekend, a relaxing time in the sun when I can close my eyes and think about nothing more than my natural surroundings.

The Record Summer reminds me a bit of a Nick Drake, a Sufjan Stevens, a Joshua Radin…all favorites of mine. I may have a new favorite! Welcome to my heart, Bret Rodysill and The Record Summer. Please be good to me and keep creating beautiful music.

Download “An Enormous Anger Grows in Brooklyn”

Bret Rodysill, frontman of The Record Summer, uses a rotating roster of musical experts to complete his band. In his career as a musician, he once spent time collaborating with Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. He is now signed to Catlick Records and Race to the Bottom, premiered June 15, 2010, was his debut album release under this label.

Bonus: Download “Drum Machine” (This link has been fixed)


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