06 May 2011

99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Aloe Blacc

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99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Aloe Blacc

So this is really awesome. Aloe Blacc, the old school, vintage soul man of our generation recreates Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'” and mixes it with Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” If you don’t know Aloe, check out his “I Need a Dollar,” which is a super dope song itself.

He performed this at BBC along with a few other choices. This was definitely the most interesting. Kind of like his version of a mash-up. His band does an awesome job recreating Kanye’s instrumental, and Aloe’s voice is as kick ass as always.

I really hope Aloe’s talent becomes recognized on a wider basis. I’m talking Grammy’s level. Multiple. I’d love to see him work with hip-hop artists as well. Everyone seems to have their own version of “I Need a Dollar,” and it would be awesome seeing him do original stuff for rappers.

Ye I’m looking at you.

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