07 August 2010

Tabi Bonney – Nuthin But A Hero

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

“Nuthin But A Hero” – Tabi Bonney

It’s raining outside and my Saturday night of street lights, smoke filled rooms, and guilty grins has yet to begin. My shoes remain unlaced and the black shirt beside me unbuttoned. For now, I am just chilling, and as Tabi Bonney hops on the beat of his single “Nuthin But A Hero” I am realizing that I am alright with that.

It has been a hot little minute since I actually paid attention to the lyrics of a song, but when Tabi started off with a rough & offbeat countdown, my attention and focus were hooked. Give the video below a watch and you will understand what I am speaking of.

Mp3 Direct Download

For more information on Tabi Bonney head here and/or follow him on Twitter. Also, if you liked the song, do me a favor and say thanks to Anthony Watson, who shared it with me, in the comment section below. Feel free to declare your undying love and/or admiration for me as well.


Written by Falade


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