02 August 2010

Mashup Monday!

posted by: Lydia Daily Specials | Mashup Monday

Good God, it’s Monday. You know what I think of that? Here, look. No? Need more of a visual? Okay, how’s this? I hate Mondays for every reason other than the fact that it’s Mashup Monday. For that, I am excited. It makes me want to do a little bit of this action. And this week is particularly special because the track is just so good. As is often the case with some of the best Mashup Monday tracks, it’s done by Mochi Beats. It might be my favorite yet. Yaheard? Word. Bird bird bird, bird’s the word. Check it. Dig it. Heart it. Download it.

Lying Hearts (Kanye West + Arcade Fire + Christina Perri + Consequence + Cassette Kids) by mochi beats


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