20 July 2010

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“Please Don’t Go” – Mike Posner

I was having a debate with my friend the other day, who I should mention is one of Mike Posner’s frat brothers and best friends. We were talking about Mike’s music, and I was making the argument that Mike, also a friend of mine, needs to create more original music. Given that he is a producer, and we know he has the talent and creative mind, he should step back from doing so many covers and produce more of his own work. Said friend told me to wait for his album to drop. So, here I wait, anxiously, for Mike’s album, 31 Minutes To Takeoff, to be released (on August 10th). 

Meanwhile, I got my hands on this leak from his album, which you might recognize if you watched any of his Webisode Series videos. True to form, Mike brings to our ears his unique voice that the crowds are absolutely eating, and his production is on spot. There are a few areas where I think he could add another dimension or two, and towards the end I wish he didn’t try to become Robin Thicke’s little brother with slightly less gifted talents (read: when he tries to hit the really high notes and be experimental with his voice…I wasn’t ready for that. Not feeling it.), but other than that, I applaud him for his work on this track. 

Lastly, I caught a sneak peek of another song on his album, “Cheated,” which comes after he says a few words about his upcoming album and thanks his fans. Sounds like it could be good. Also sounds like Mike still has a ton of animosity toward his ex-girlfriend, the same girl he alluded to in “Red Button.” These are my assumptions, but I can’t be too far off, right? Poor girl’s getting slammed if he truly is aiming his words at her. And now his words are reaching crowds, literally, all over the globe. Goes to show you have to watch your every move these days.

Download “Please Don’t Go”


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