12 July 2010

Mashup Monday!

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Whatup yall – Happy Monday! I don’t know about yall, but I had a great weekend. The heat is kicking my ass, but I guess that’s nothing to complain about. Boyfriend came to town, got to relax after a super busy week at work, got the apartment completely cleaned, saw a bunch of friends…I don’t think I could ask for much more. 

It’s always tough going from a great weekend to a long week, but, as always, Mashup Mondays get me excited to get things started. It’s a fresh start, I’ve got lots of energy, and I’m ready for some new new. 

Let’s set it to some A.D.D. music, aka mashups. 

1. Jermaine Dupri x Jay-Z x The xx – Black-Glove

2. Foster The People x Empire of the Sun x Three Six Mafia – Black-Glove

3. “Doing Hoodrat Things With My Friends” +Vibes

[Photo Credit: Emma Simmons Photography]


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