14 June 2010

Mashup Monday

posted by: Lydia Daily Specials | Mashup Monday

Somebody commented on Mashup Monday recently saying something along the lines of “maybe now Mondays will be something to look forward to!” This made my day. I sure hope I can help make Mondays something to look forward to.

As seems to be a pattern of late, we’ve got a brand new Mochi Beats track just in time for Mashup Monday! It has yet to be released anywhere else!

Time After Romance (Lady Gaga + Cyndi Lauper + Three 6 Mafia) by mochi beats

To download, click on the right arrow on the side of the player.

Next up is some new Mashup-Germany ish. This track is over an hour long…great party mix!

Recycling Revolution Tour – Promo Mix by MashupGermany

Download “Recyclying Revolution Tour – Promo Mix”

Happy Monday, everybody. Hopefully it’s been a good one so far!


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