12 June 2010


posted by: Lydia New Music Daily


“Dreams” – Passion Pit (The Cranberries Cover)

OMG. I don’t say that term. But this is deserving of a flat out OMG. The Cranberries were my FAVORITE band growing up. Put it this way-I didn’t listen to Raffi. I listened to The Cranberries. Passion Pit, who apparently have been covering this song at a ton of their concerts, decided to record this in a studio and feature it on their reissue of their album, Manners. It’s crazy that dudes can sing this song just about as well as Delores can! Now, I must say, it would have been crazy to have been at a Passion Pit concert and to be surprised by this cover, since I love this song so much, but meh…it’s cool. I’m just glad to have heard this. Thanks, Passion Pit, for bringing back some GREAT memories!

Download “Dreams”

audio via Tympanogram


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