28 May 2010

Cosmic Love – Florence + The Machine

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

MUSIC VIDEO: “Cosmic Love” – Florence + The Machine

I’m rather upset with myself for not getting more into Florence + The Machine sooner, but hey…never too late. The best way to describe her talent is likely to say she’s got some incredible pipes. That’s what everybody’s saying, so yeah yeah…it’s not original, but that’s really what needs to be said. Her vocals are just flat out incredible. I didn’t get to see much more than 15 minutes of her show at Coachella because I was making sure I had a good spot for Jonsi, but I hear it was absolutely awesome. Hopefully I’ll catch her live again sometime. Anyway, if you’re not too familiar with her, here’s a music video (very well done, as well) of her song Cosmic Love, and if you want a closer listen to her voice, below is the acoustic version. Tell me that aint talent!

“Cosmic Love” (acoustic) – Florence + The Machine

(Audio via dailybeatz)


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