22 May 2010

One Minute To Midnight Dream (So sad) – Francois Peglau

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

MUSIC VIDEO: “One Minute To Midnight Dream (So sad)” – Francois Peglau

Forewarning: this video is hilarious. Prepare to be taken on a journey through Francois Peglau’s dreams after he takes a pill called “Sweet Dreams?” before going to sleep. You’ll see beautiful women (plural), superheroes, dancing, confusion, merry go rounds, and more. Pretty fun life in dreams, I’d say. Anyway, this video looks like it was ridiculously fun to shoot, and the lo-fi electro-pop music here isn’t so bad either!

Francois describes himself as a Peruvian/Argentinian/French musician. I’m not sure exactly how that works or what that means, but he’s now living in London making music in an interesting way. For every single song he records, he makes a video with friends. Interesting approach…I can dig it.

If you’re digging it too, download “One Minute to Midnight Dream (So sad)”


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