08 March 2011

Live: BOBBY (100Bands Review #46)

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BOBBY Live Review

What’s Left: 179 Days. 54 Bands.
Band #46: BOBBY

When/Where: March 3rd, Old South Church, Boston, MA
Expectations: The whole premise of this band is elusive and sounds gimmicky, making me skeptical, but not enough to squash my curiosity. The story being that they are named after a ghost or spiritual being, Bobby, who helped develop and guide the songs. Bobby even specially requested that Molly Sarle of Mountain Man contribute her vocal abilities. Strange, right? They were signed to Partisan Records in January and have very much remained a mystery.

Furthermore, seeing an indie concert in a Boston landmark and historical church, built in 1875 and steeped in American history makes this one of the most interesting and unique venues thus far in the 100Bands challenge.

Concert: The pews filled in quickly with an attentive audience, making it not all that different from a nighttime church service except for the obvious set up of keyboards, drums, mics, and guitars contrasting and distracting the audience from the religious setting. The songs flowed together like a series of dreams you half remember, with layered sounds being phased in and out, complimented by vocals from most of the band creating a warm and enveloping sound. At times Molly Sarle’s voice lazily drifted upwards in the cavernous space, delicately mixing with the other sounds floating around, and other times her voice leapt out in unexpected high pitches, saying something that words could not. Their songs were ones you followed as they built them piece by piece in quizzical patterns, distracting from the distance being traveled. The ending point never sounded like the beginning and there were always twists and turns in the middle. If their songs were roads, you’d never be able to find your way back to where you started. It was easy to enjoy and get lost in this BOBBY trip I was unaware of taking.

Concert Afterglow: Watching the band sway to their last song and listening to the sounds being carried high and away, the whole ‘Bobby the ghost’ thing seemed a little less gimmicky and more like a real part of their story. I haven’t heard anything quite like this before, which made it a little bit easier to believe that there could be some hidden driving force behind them.

RecommendationWhether it’s on their tour with The Low Anthem or one of their SXSW shows, it’s a show worth seeing.

Song: “Sore Spores” – BOBBY


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