05 March 2011

Aziz – Charlie Wins

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

“Charlie Wins” – Aziz by SunsetintheRearview

First off, relax. This is probably not the first Charlie Sheen song you’ve heard. But it’s the only muh fuckin one by Aziz, Dig?

I’m absolutely loving this Charlie Sheen phenomenon. Honestly, I find it hilarious. There have been a few songs about the whole situation, but this is the only one I have posted, and this is the best I’ve heard. With some dope production out of Jon Kilmer, Aziz releases his first song since December.

This beat goes hard (hardest I’ve heard from Kilmer), and Aziz goes in over it with a lot of amusing references to the mess that is Charlie Sheen’s current existence.

We on that Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half grammies

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