24 February 2011

100Bands Review: #44 – Nicole Atkins

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What’s Left: 191 Days. 56 Bands.
Band #44: Nicole Atkins

When/Where: February 23, Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA
Expectations: Decent catchy music should correlate to a decent show

Concert: The most exhilarating thing about this concert was the long black dress Nicole Atkins was wearing. That, and the guitar player was clearly talented. Yes, Nicole Atkins does have an impressive, strong voice, even live, but it didn’t help that the music was boring and lifeless on the stage. There was mention of a flu going around the band, and Atkins was drinking tea on stage, so maybe they were suffering a little. However, the songs had no flourishes and a voice that sounds the same song after song after song can only captivate an audience for so long. After the short set they did an awkward encore of one song, but they had hardly left the stage before they came back to play. Cotton Jones, the always fantastic opening band, had more enthusiastic calls for an encore.

Concert Afterglow: For now, I am hoping this is a fluke because I do like the new album, but the concert was not good.

Recommendation: Save your money and just listen to the newest album, Mondo Amore.

Song: “Vultures” – Nicole Atkins

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