07 February 2011

“The Tale of Mr. Street” – Gorilla Warfare Tactics

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

“The Tale of Mr Street” – Gorilla Warfare Tactics by Sunset in the Rearview

Two songs deep and Gorilla Warfare Tactics is creeping onto my list of favorite hip hop acts? Unheard of. For real, they’ve only released two songs. First “Temptations,” now this song. Each song has a different vibe though. Temptations was more of a feel good hip hop song, and this one is a deeper, heavier hip hop song that tells the story of an artist’s struggles in today’s world. I think this group has so much talent, and their beats thus far are nothing short of wonderful.

Another thing of note: it looks like Gorilla Warfare Tactics already has a consistent marketing strategy – check out their artwork in both instances. It’s consistent, it looks good. Having a consistent marketing plan is a huge step in making it in today’s music world. Don’t believe me? Check out Mike Posner, Hoodie Allen, e-dubble. All three of these guys had a grassroots marketing plan from Day 1 and they stuck to it (although I’d argue more so for Hoodie once it became just him rather than 2 dudes), being sure that all of their actions aligned with their goals. That’s how you do it these days. Make a plan from day 1. Make it sticky. Make it pretty. Make it sound good. Be consistent. Gorilla Warfare Tactics are jumping on this train and it’s already working. GWT for the win!

Download Gorilla Warfare Tactics – “The Tale of Mr. Street”


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