01 February 2011

[New Release] “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)” – Ellie Goulding

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“Lights (Bassnectar Remix)” – Ellie Goulding by SunsetintheRearview

No chance I could wait until tomorrow to drop this one on Womp Womp Wednesday. We got the drop on this, and I could not pass up that opportunity. I got an email from Bassnectar labs the other day promoting a new Bassnectar remix, and I almost had a heart attack after reading the subject line: “New Bassnectar Promo: Ellie Goulding Remix.” First off, it should be clear by now that I love Bassnectar. Second off, it should be known that Ellie Goulding and I will be married one day. Don’t be jealous guys, it’s just because I’m so good looking and charming.

Anyway, Ellie’s “Lights” has been mixed a whole bunch of times, my favorites being Potomac Boy’s Club’s remix “Lights!” or the Blackmill remix, and this new Bassnectar remix. This one sounds very similar on a certain level to the PBC’s remix, until the womp drops. I’m sitting in a very sullen room right now typing this, and I can barely restrict my headbanging. Bassnectar is just a master with the bass. His sound is so fierce-deep growls, slapping drums, and a great synth track rolling throughout that makes this one a real banger.

He’s an absolutely unbelievable concert to see, so I definitely recommend doing everything in your power to see Lorin womp live sometime. It will not disappoint, and neither will this track. Enjoy.

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