09 January 2013

3 Indie Projects You Need to Hear

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really enjoying the music of 2013. First, we got a great Tape Tuesday, compiled by some sort of combination genius-wizard. Then, Lydia generously shared¬†20 Songs from her iTunes to yours, and just yesterday, we found one of the coolest new bands possible ever in Kids of the Apocalypse. Hopefully continuing this trend of good, new music, today I’m going to introduce to you 3 Indie Projects You Need to Hear. Let’s gooo!

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1. Indians – Somewhere Else (Album Stream)

I’m Indian, and this album is simply gorgeous and has nothing to do with India and its people.

MP3:¬†“Caretakers” – Indians

[via Mostly Junkfood]

2. Jackie Onassis – Holiday EP

New Jackie Onassis!I’m not exactly sure how you can name your rap duo after a former first lady, but fearless Australians (another great rap name) vocalist Kai and producer Raph did. The two recently released this Holiday EP, and it’s great.

MP3: “Smoke Trails” – Jackie Onassis

MP3: “Holiday (ft. Spit Syndicate)” – Jackie Onassis

MP3: “One Time” – Jackie Onassis


3. Set Sail – Hey! EP

Most people don’t want to go back to school, and I’m no exception. The first day back at school is always a bit nerve-wracking, even in college. And it’s winter and the trees are bare as fuck, and this shit is depressing. So what does Arjun do? He cranks up that ol’ iTunes and plays himself some Set Sail.

This is the happiest music possible.

So twist and shout, let’s do the Charleston / Shake your hips like it’s the ’20s


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