30 December 2012

2wo 1ne — The #Post90s

posted by: Tom New Music Daily
2wo 1ne debut mixtape

A couple of things, before we talk about 2wo 1ne‘s debut mixtape, “The #Post90s,” released on December 21st:

1. His name looks like a failed HTML attempt, which is sort of annoying and cool at the same time.

2. His mixtape literally has a hashtag in the title, which is sort of annoying and cool at the same time.

But who cares, right? After all, 2wo 1ne isn’t even an artist by trade.

In fact, 2wo 1ne happens to be NBA shooting guard Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks. Yup, this is all the result of a finely tuned hobby.

Yet another NBA player is trying to make it in hip-hop, except Iman actually HAS talent. (Come on, how dope did this project just become now that you know the context?) We’ve heard Ron Artest — fine, “Metta World Peace” — and other athletes try to release mixtapes in the past few years, but nothing anyone else has done compares to what Shumpert has released here. He’s been rehabbing a torn ACL, so he must’ve figured that releasing a legitimate hip-hop mixtape was a good idea to pass the time. Good for him, because he’s a talented rapper.

I’m not even halfway through this yet — there are a LOT of songs — but I figured I should pass it on. Already, Iman (aka “f*ck it, Iman one”) has referenced Marty McFly in his opener “Introducing Royalty,” so that’s fantastic. Shumpert may not be my favorite basketball player, but he sure is my favorite rapsketball player.




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