28 November 2009

Labi Siffre – My Song

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily


“My Song” – Labi Siffre

Thanks to the guys over at Jam and a Half for posting this gem of a song. I’ll copy what they had to say about Labi Siffre-it’s an amazing story.

In the second of our ongoing “Jam behind the Jam” series, we bring you Labi Siffre’s epic jam, “My Song,” a tale of being confident in oneself no matter what the circumstances. Labi, an openly gay British singer, songwriter, and poet, was born in England to a Barbadian/Belgian mother and a Nigerian father. Throughout his life, he performed across the world and worked with a host of musicians ranging from Ike and Tina to the Supremes, released 10 solo albums, and was an activist for a whole host of social causes and issues including the apartheid, gay rights, and civil rights. Labi was not only covered by Jay-Z in his song Streets Iz Watching, but Eminem also used part of his song, “I Got The” to create his breakthrough single, “My Name Is.”

Labi’s music is timeless and despite a soft piano melody and smooth vocals, “My Song” is about the hardest thing that someone can probably ever do: stand up for who they are despite haters telling them that they’re wrong. [This song is sampled in Kanye West’s song “I Wonder.”] Labi spits incredible knowledge and strength over the easiest of grooves.

Also, incase you aren’t familiar with this rendition of this song, check out “I Wonder,” by Kanye West:


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