02 November 2009

iyaDedE – Don’t Make it Easy

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

RWANDAN ELECTRO-POP. I love finding new music like this. I would love to say this was a complete steal of a find, but iyaDedE is quickly rising in the ranks and is now being compared to the likes of Goldfrapp and Santigold.

Born and raised in Rwanda, iyaDedE (pronounced eeya deh deh) has now lived on 3 continents after escaping the genocide of 1994 by fleeing to Belgium, and now living in Brooklyn, NY. Her mother was a popular radio DJ in Rwanda and iyaDedE has decided to pursue the same passion. In addition to all of this, she speaks four languages!

She is known to love rock and soul music and blend the two into grimy electronica with the touch of clever words in both English and Kinyarwanda (native Rwandan language).

One of the featured tracks, “Brimstone and Fire,” is an “urgent post-punk anthem about colonization.”

“Don’t Make It Easy” – iyaDedE

“Brimstone and Fire” – iyaDedE

Visit the following sites to hear more of iyaDedE’s work and thoughts:





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