03 December 2010

Sunset Exclusive: Big Dreams – Mike Stud featuring KAM Royal

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Mike Stud Sunset in the Rearview Big Dreams

Big Dreams by Mike Stud

So last time we dropped Mike Stud on Sunset in the Rearview, you guys were big fans. Like, really big fans. I’ll let you speak for yourselves-Risa921: This song is amazing! And he sings too! Huge fan! Love this guy!!! WOW”- Meredith S.: “Mike Stud-lyrical wit!”- Trainerone51: ” I don’t like a lot of rap, but this kid is talented and hilarious.” So, yeah, I’d say that’s some pretty positive response for this Duke kid. Anyway, Mike’s got a really interesting story for a rapper.

“Big Dreams” has a harder beat than Ratatat’s “Beat One,” and Mike certainly goes hard on this track. Still, he has some hilarious rhymes on this track. “The girls say I’m heartless/ Something like a donor/ I go harder than a boner.” With a great sounding hook on really strong verses, Mike’s flow stays on point throughout the song, and this one is a banger for sure. With a tight collaboration verse from KAM Royal, this is Mike’s best song yet. KAM comes with some serious lyrical wit as well, with lines like “They say live by two words/ Fuck failure/ I’m tryna be a bigger allstar/ Than Chuck Taylor.”

There’s certainly a new wave of white rappers coming out of Massachusetts (Sam Adams, Cam Meekins, Authentic, etc), and with KAM and Mike hitting the scene it looks like they’re bringing the white rapper movement to DC in a big way. Stay tuned for more coming out of Mike, this kid’s going places.


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