30 November 2010


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Welcome Back Weezy! Sunset in the Rearview

I promised my readers that I would give away a mixtape once I hit 1000 followers on Twitter. The day came, and the mixtape is here! It’s a tribute to Lil Wayne after his release from jail. I asked 15 different mashup artists to create a song using different Lil Wayne samples, put it all together, and here’s the final product. All it takes from you is one tweet. If you don’t have a Twitter account, I recommend signing up for one, downloading the album, and if you’re really opposed, you can then get right off Twitter. (But really, Twitter a great way to get news/updates about things that interest you.) Here’s the tracklisting. Click on either of the pictures to go to the downloading page. Enjoy!!!

Welcome Back Weezy Sunset in the Rearview

Cover Artwork by Jacob Munch

Artist Pages:

It’s Overture


Ha! Yes

DJ Philistine

DJ Fergie Ferg

Paul M.B.

DJ Bahler

Mover Shaker

DJ Lobsterdust


Big Z Remixes

Easter Egg

Party Ben

DJ Dain

Mochi Beats


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