24 September 2009

Anthem – Bachelor’s Theme

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“Bachelor’s Theme” – Anthem

What you’ve all been waiting for…MORE ANTHEM! People have been asking why they haven’t heard of Anthem before and if “Dear Duke” is his only song. This song should give you a clear answer to that: no. This will prove to you that he’s a very talented rapper! He and his crew have been pushing Bachelor’s Theme as a single and it has received favorable attention in cities including NYC, Chicago, and London. Most notably, it’s gotten airplay on Shade45, Eminem’s Sirius Station, on DJ Kay Slay’s radio show.

Sounds to me like Anthem has some fame headed his way. You heard it here first. Next place to hear it: Duke Tailgate on Saturday, LIVE.

Side note: this track was recorded as somewhat of a response to a project involving Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings,” but as Anthem himself put it, “it took on a life of its own.”

Download Bachelor’s Theme

EXTRA: Because I’m feeling generous, I thought I’d give you another taste of Anthem’s talent. This song is called “Grammy Family.” Anthem goes in over a familiar beat here and kills it, lyrically. The last verse is probably the easiest to listen to for people who aren’t huge hip hop listeners…but I’d still highly recommend listening to this whole song. The rhymes are outrageous.

Download Grammy Family

Last note: Be on the lookout for a Facebook Fan Page for Anthem soon-it will be called “I Am Anthem.”


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