24 November 2010

Oh Stereo – Waiting for the Sun

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

Oh Stereo | Sunset in the Rearview

Waiting for the Sun by Oh Stereo

Oh Stereo is made up of Scott Marquart and Mason Hickman, two college roommates from Nashville, Tennessee. They just started making music a year ago and it seems people immediately picked up on their talent, because they’ve been playing shows around their area every since.

I was another one of those people who immediately recognized their talent in creating sticky pop music. Synth-based, it falls under the fun category. Great driving song, for those of you looking for songs to add to a road trip playlist!

These two have just completed their debut album, which will be released on December 2nd. Based on what I’ve heard in “Waiting for the Sun,” I believe the album holds a lot of promise. These two seem to be on to something!

Download “Waiting for the Sun”



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