30 October 2010

e-dubble #FreestyleFriday “Taking My Time”

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

e-dubble tweeted earlier today that the Freestyle Friday would take a little longer than usual to come out today. Ironically, he stated, the song would be called “Taking My Time.” Well, I never really know what to expect from e-dubble each Friday, because frankly his style seems to be a toss up every week. Sometimes he shows off his faster flow, other times he’s more about complementing the sample that he’s remastered. I think this week it’s about showing off his producing skills with this sample by Boston, but also about how he can make a song sound good pretty much no matter what. His style is just fun to listen to. And like I think I said before…I like how he totally sticks to his white guy persona. He’s not trying to be something that he’s not. It’s organic, and I like it. I’m just fine with you taking your time. I’m on your side, e-dubble.

e-dubble – Taking My Time by edubble


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