19 October 2010

Live: Beach House (100Bands Review #20)

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What’s Left: 316 Days. 80 Bands.
Band #20: Beach House

When/Where: October 17th, Raleigh Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC

Expectations: Tonight’s show will be my 2nd time seeing Beach House.  Stoked for some soaring dream pop.

Concert: I arrived on time at 7:33, and the show had already begun—I walked in halfway through their recent, undeniable hit, “Walk in the Park.” Lead singer Victoria Legrand’s seductive vocals hit me in the face, reminiscent of Nico. The lead guitar, drenched in reverb, echoed brilliantly about the amphitheatre. The band’s stage setup was beautiful and dark; they performed in front of an interactive backdrop of cascading stars on black skies, lighting up in conjunction with the swells in the music.

Beach House sounded huge. Most notably, the band had added a fourth member onstage (previously there were three), alternating between bass, keyboards and singing backup.  As a result, the harmonies were thicker, the ambience was heavier, more convincing, and the band rocked harder. Guitarist Alex Scally, who usually sits down throughout the show to play bass pedals with his feet, stood up for the first few songs while the new sideman played the bass. Victoria Legrand was sexy and French, and she tossed her hair wildly as she pounded on her organ.

The show was fantastic. Not much banter, not any mistakes. Not much variety. They have a drone-y, haunting sound. Their drummer gave the music some legs, which let the crowd dance in place. As Beach House evolves, gaining popularity everywhere, they employ the best tactic in pop music: always leave the audience wanting more.

Concert Afterglow: The show felt too short, and about a quarter of the crowd definitely thought that Beach House should have been headlining. As their live show widens in scope, their imaginations reach further. I look forward to their next album, and their next tour.

Recommendation: If you like sexy lead singers, and drone-y, haunting songs, look no further than Beach House.  Their live show is only getting better, so the sooner you catch them, the less of an impact it will have on your pocketbook.

Song: “Walk In The Park” -Beach House


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