18 October 2010

Welcoming A New Writer!

posted by: Lydia News & Humor

Incase you missed the excitement that I was sharing via Sunset in the Rearview’s Facebook Page and Twitter account, I would like to announce on the blog that Sunset in the Rearview has gained an additional writer for the 100Bands Feature! (For a reminder of what 100Bands is, click here to read the full write-up.)

Join me in welcoming PATRICK PHELAN to the team! What excites me most about this is that Patrick is known for his writing. Unlike Jessica and me, though, who are both known for blog writing, Patrick is known for being a songwriter. He is the lead singer of a North Carolina bluesy-folk band called Luego, which has gained a lot of well-deserved attention on Sunset in the Rearview. I’m thrilled to be adding an artist to the list of writers – it should be fun to read live reviews from the perspective of a musician himself.

For more information on Luego or Patrick, see the following links:

Official Website
Luego’s Facebook Page

Luego’s Twitter
Luego on YouTube
Free Luego Music on Bandcamp
Luego Documentary on Vimeo

Luego – Jesse James – Live at ARS Records – Spring 2k9 from Luego on Vimeo.


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