18 October 2010

Mashup Monday-Week 30

posted by: Lydia Mashup Monday

The Hood Internet – I XXXOed (M.I.A. x Sufjan Stevens) by The Hood Internet

This mashup is nearly perfect. If only I didn’t have angst towards M.I.A. for going totally bat crazy on us and taking her loudmouth one step (or more) too far. I used to be a big fan, but now? I mean, put it this way. I didn’t even stay for her show during ACL. A show when nobody else was playing, so I had nothing to lose. Figured it wasn’t worth it. And did I regret it? Nope, because the next day I overheard somebody saying MIA sounded worse than anybody else at ACL. Well, luckily this is one of her songs that I do like, and of course I love “I Walked” by Sufjan Stevens. The Hood Internet never fails.

Cause you’re tweetin’ me like Tweety Bird on your iPhone.


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