12 October 2010

Live: The Spring Standards (100Bands Review #19)

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What’s Left: 322 Days. 82 Bands.
Band #19: The Spring Standards

When/Where: October 7th, T.T. The Bear’s Place, Cambridge, MA

Expectations: Saw this band by pure accident, had no expectations.

Concert: I arrived earlier than expected and was drawn to The Spring Standards performance pretty quickly. The best word to sum it up was “fun.” All three band members had this great banter going on between themselves and the audience, like they were playing for a room full of their 40 best friends. The small crowd that had gathered was really into it and giving them their full attention which is always nice to see for an opening act.

The three of them harmonized throughout their songs and it sounded great. All the band members are multi-instrumentalist so there was lots of instrument swapping going on between the guitar, bass, keyboards, and glockenspeil, and melodica. Watching people play so many instruments is always a pleasure because it is very easy to admire their musical abilities that I could never possibly possess but wish I did.  Their music incorporated a lot of snapping, clapping, and whistling that the crowd was more than eager to participate. The Spring Standards have a very likeable folky pop sound that clearly takes bits and pieces from the classic 50s and 60s songs, creating music that is familiar, comfortable, and catchy.

Concert Afterglow:
Their songs were mostly cute and sweet but definately a fun opening act to stumble upon. And everyone was just having so much fun!
Recommendation: If you like their music you’ll have fun seeing them live. They’re from New York and play there a lot so you could probably catch a cheap show sometime. Like I said, “fun,” but I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to see them.

Listen to The Spring Standards and get free downloads on The SixtyOne


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