01 October 2010

Friday at Five is Live

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Friday at Five is Live my good friends so begin to Jive like a Flamingo in a Bee Hive

Oh hellz ya it is FRIDAY!!!! Once again you have another excuse to participate in the frivolous, dangerous, and down right sacrilegious. I am here to say that everyday is a new day therefore new beginnings are always starting.

If you do not know what that means then just remind yourself of the times you were down and out. Remind yourself of the late nights, low pay, and thanks not given. Then call to memory what the closing of your eyes, the sweet dreams, and the entering into a fresh weekend did for you. It rejuvenated the mind, body, and soul. It made you glance in the rearview at the stress behind you and chuckle with the simple words of “Fuck You” whispered from your lips.

So again I say that everday is a new day therefore new beginnings are always starting. Now, without further ado, I present, with a devious chuckle, “Fuck You” by The Knux.

“Fuck You” – The Knux | Download

Written by Falade

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