17 September 2010

“Slow Down” (ft. Lupe Fiasco & Nico) – Big Z Remixes

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“Slow Down” (ft. Lupe Fiasco & Nico) – Big Z Remixes

Okay wow. First of all, put on some good headphones before you listen to this. If you don’t have any, break into the house next door and take your neighbor’s pair. (Trust me, it’s worth it. If the police don’t buy that at first, lend them the headphones and then they understand.) Okay, now listen. And if you aren’t immediately impressed or launched like a cannonball into the days when it was so cool to love The Royal Tenenbaums (okay maybe it still is), then something might be wrong with you. Okay, fine, that was mean. I’ll take it back. You’re still cool.

But just know that this right here is something special. A Nico song and a Lupe song? Together? Straight peanut butter and jelly. RIGHT up my alley. Yeah yeah, it’s too short. But that’s just Big Z teasing us, getting us ready for his upcoming album.

Welcome back, Big Z Remixes. Looking forward to your album drop!

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