16 September 2010

100Bands Poll: Choose A Band!

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100Bands Poll: Choose A Band!

If you are an avid concert goer like us, then you are familiar with those unfortunate times when two bands you want to see live are playing at different venues on the same day. In some cases it is an easy choice, but other times when you have an equal interest in both bands, it can be downright impossible to choose one.  Riddled with indecision, I am asking you, dear reader, to take the matter into your own hands and make the hard choice for me. I will go to whichever concert wins in the polls and I will review it as a part of the 100 Bands in 1 year challenge. If you were faced with this choice, which concert would you go see?

To aid you in your choice making process, I am providing one song from each headlining artist and links to all the performers’ websites if you need to further investigate. Please keep in mind that the opening acts sometimes have the power to make a show really great. Poll closes at midnight on September 20th.

Basia BulatThe AcornJohn Shade
Audio: “Go On” – Basia Bulat

Sea WolfSera CahoonePatrick Park
Audio: “Middle Distance Runner” – Sea Wolf
[link via My Old Kentucky Blog]

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