02 September 2010

Super Smooth Hip Hop from Qwel & Maker

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

I feel like it’s been a while since I posted some good ole easy listening hip hop. The pretty stuff that isn’t too heavy, that’s built off the skeletal structure of the old school stuff, but tends to be a bit more fluid. Beats that are influenced by jazz music, voices that tell the day to days of life in a poetic manner.

So I’m back with a keeper from two dudes out of Chicago named Qwel & Maker. Qwel provides lyrics that tell of the realities of life while Maker provides the beat that is, truly, quite beautiful.

Qwel & Maker’s album, Owl, drops September 14th of this year through Galapagos4.

Name looking strange in the limelight
Chamber what you trying to change
Sitting here soaking in hindsight
It’s the road
It’s the life I chose

[Download the song on the player]


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