30 August 2010

Weird Music Videos Becoming…Normal?

posted by: Lydia News & Humor

Things are getting weird in the Land of Music Videos. It seems it’s becoming trendy (and no, that is not statistically correct to say, because it’s only 2 that I know of) to center music videos around the death of imaginary animals that serve as pets. First Yeasayer shocked the world with their music video for “Madder Red,” which features Kristen Bell mourning over the loss of her strange, and rather revolting-looking pet. As grossed out as I first was, I found myself moved by the direction and the storyline.

Next thing I knew, I finally got around to watching the music video for “Congratulations” by MGMT, and they had the same premise! Too weird. But once again, moving…heartwarming, if you will.

Check it out for yourself and see what you think. Is this weird to you? Do you like one better than the other?

By the way, in getting all of the links for this post, I realized I’m not the first one to associate these two videos with each other. So I apologize for the apparent lack of originality, but how can you not think of one when you see the other?

BONUS: Thanks to a comment from Kathy, I’m now aware of the fact that you can buy the MGMT record on Amazon for only FIVE dollars. Do it. You wont.


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