26 August 2010

Introducing: Union Jackals

posted by: Lydia New Music Daily

I just stumbled upon something that amounts to a perfectly wrapped gift in a robin’s-egg-blue box in my email inbox. The card said something like this:

Dear Lydia,

We would like to present this gift to you. In exchange for all that you do, we have created a song that is as peaceful as the night sky, but as bright as the glimmering stars. And to top it off and turn it all upside down, we have called it “I Am The Sun.” Please take care of this sweet gift, for it is as precious as any other you have ever received.

With great love,

Union Jackals

Here I go again, creating made up letters…damn near lost my mind in the beauty of this song. I’ll be sitting under the weeping willow tree with my Sennheiser’s on if you need me.

I Am The Sun – Union Jackals


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